Tarkiainen Winery

Tarkiainen Winery is a premium brand owned by Mahla Forest. Their high quality artisanal beverages are well suited for even a bit more demanding taste. This elegant series of drinks is a unique homage to the passion of making high quality beverages, created by Master of Wine Juha Tarkiainen.


Lagrima Arctica

Lagrima Arctica as in arctic tear is Finnish celebration drink, which tastes like joy of nature. It’s colored coppery yellow, like snowbank gilded by low spring sun, and it roils strongly like a stream splitting the snowbanks. Its sweetness is fresh like citrus, like forest flowers honey, its resinous is simply hunch of ginger, like young spruces promise of adult’s force.

Lagrima Arctica is entirely nonalcoholic, so it’s perfect celebration drink option for sparkling wine, champagne or as part of cocktails.

Spruce Shoot Gin

This gin was designed by Juha Tarkiainen, the founder of Mahla Forest. The symbol on the product tells of a craftsmanship, and represents the Tarkiainen family crest. The ingredients are harvested from their own forest which guarantees the quality and the purity of the product. Proudly handmade with a unique flavour. In your hand you’ll hold a product that is a homage to the nature and craftsmanship of Finland. Let the quality lead to enjoyment while the flavour speaks for itself.

Blackberry Gin

An upright and balanced taste is created when the soft, aromatic and deep juniper berry gets a juicy and sweet blackberry as a pair of flavors. Blackberry Gin brings together the trend of soft drinks without compromising on the taste of gin.