Lagrima Arctica

“First summer was warm. That summer spruce gladly grew to cover the land of Finland. Yet, the first summer was followed by winter – dull and hopeless. It was long, longer than the longest spruce. While spring summer gilding snowbank and melting needles, spruce nearly burst of joy. At first it wanted to shout and rumble, but then calmed down and cried for joy one happy tear – spruce tip.”

Finnish celebration drink

Lagrima Arctica as in arctic tear is Finnish celebration drink, which tastes like joy of nature. It’s colored coppery yellow, like snowbank gilded by low spring sun, and it roils strongly like a stream splitting the snowbanks. Its sweetness is fresh like citrus, like forest flowers honey, its resinous is simply hunch of ginger, like young spruces promise of adult’s force.  

Lagrima Arctica is entirely nonalcoholic, so it’s perfect celebration drink option for sparkling wine, champagne or as part of cocktails.  

Serving suggestion

Serve with salty finger food, or fresh and aromatic desserts and pastries.  

List of ingredients

Water, spruce tip, sugar, citric acid (E330), carbon dioxide (E290)