Boris Berry Mix

The power of Boris – lactal acid bacteria drink and sweetness of berries.

Boris-drink is the first unpasteurized lactal acid bacteria drink in Finland since 1983. The Boris Berry Mix joined the expanding product line in the year 2021. It is the first addition to the family of Boris-drink. Berry Mix contains a few per cent of the original drink, and is used as a starter for the fermentation process. As the name entails – blackcurrant, redcurrant and cranberries are added. This explosion of c-vitamin rich in berries, with taste of currants make a splendid alternative to the original flavour.

Boris Berry Mix contains in addition to lactal acid bacteria:

Boris Berry Mix is

The main function for lactal acid bacteria is to adapt to the natural state of the intestines.

The gut is our roots: if there is balance between bacteria, we feel well.

The pH-level of Boris Berry Mix is 3,2 which is acidic so its good bacteria make it through the stomach without being disassembled by gastric acid, bile acid or digestive enzymes as they journey towards the intestines. Together with flavonoids and enzymes the lactal acid bacteria begin to revitalize digestive activity and the bacterial flora of the intestines.

The naturally grown lactal acid bacteria used in Boris are natural bacteria. On average a healthy adult has about 1,8 kilograms of them.

Natural and researched vigour

Boris-drink is produced by fermenting roots, berries and herbs that have grown under the finnish midnight sun. The result is a drink that has zero added sugar, no additives and contains 6 billion live lactal acid bacteria in a 2dl serving.

For a better tomorrow

Boris Berry Mix is produced using all organic ingredients, like the original. Berry Mix does not however have the organic label yet, because the cranberries used in the drink is challenging to harvest from organic labeled swamps. This matter is underway. Organic farming endorses ecology, diversity of plants, bacteria rich soil, sustainability and grants a tightly monitored standard.

List of ingredients:

Water, blackcurrant, redcurrant beet, cabbage, carrot, lingonberry, nettle, dandelion, fireweed, salt