Kuusenkerkkä Gin

Forged by blacksmiths as symbols; Families, places, troops, roots, ships. One was forged later, as a sign of unique flavour.

Experience the northern forests uniqueness, when our best known coniferous trees wrap themselves to a refined flavour dance with citrus fruits. The unique dance served by our dark forests charms with it’s diversity. The elegance lingers on the tastebuds, gently cherishing every nerve. Deep, yet light and bright flavour may feel slightly confusing: while it feels familiar, you’re still left with a mystery of a forest. 


The very first product of the Tarkiainen Winery brand is a premium class artisan gin. Proudly handmade with a unique flavour. A new product that will deliver the quality and uniqueness as promised. 


This gin was designed by Juha Tarkiainen, the founder of Mahla Forest. The symbol on the product tells of a craftsmanship, and represents the Tarkiainen family crest. The ingredients are harvested from their own forest which guarantees the quality and the purity of the product. In your hand you’ll hold a product that is a homage to the nature and craftsmanship of Finland. Let the quality lead to enjoyment while the flavour speaks for itself.