Crazy Creatures sodaliquor

They are the kings of the jungle, Sovereigns of brawn. Mythical legends, guardians of swarm. When the release of might is nigh, there is but one above this potency – responsibility.


Caribbean Horror, Bloody Cobra and Hunting Tiger unites the most dazzling kings of our jungles. This three piece product line consists of vodka-based mild alcoholic beverages. The 4% flavours contain full bodied cherry, mangos and passions licorish finish and apple with a twist of vanilla and citrus. The answer to who gets crowned as the king of kings, lingers within the tastebuds of whom it savors. 


Caribbean Horror wails as it longs for the beaches of Caribia. It is well known how good a pair mango and passion make, inviting to their side in the perfect tropic. When headed to the beach to catch the rays of the sun or to take breather under the palm tree – all that’s missing is a Caribbean Horror. Rich, nuanced and fruity drink is finished with a little hint of licorice which doesn’t push itself through, but aims to linger a little longer on your tastebuds. Befits to ease the call of the Caribbean, as well as for those who prefer sour and extreme adventures of taste.


Bloody Cobras approaching hiss entails of a full bodied cherry, rich in berries. The deep and intense taste of the cherry has a slightly tangy twist. The engulfing taste is a balanced composition, which isn’t too sweet nor too sour. Savored by those that prefer the intense taste of juice bases.


The Roar of the Hunting Tigers wakes into old and new. The familiar and sweet apple hooked up with citrus and vanilla for a fresh finish. The result is a little sweet, but a citrus-y tangy taste, which a soft vanilla finish. Suited for those that prefer their drinks slightly sweet and with tastes of apple.